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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

I'm an IT business analyst and solution finder, CAPM and CSM) AND an intensively-treated insulin dependent diabetic (AKA:”type 1″ or “brittle” diabetic) and medical alert dog owner-trainer, interested in strategies for improving health and lives for all (even our fellow creatures).
I write a blog about my bringing forward, in a brave and confident manner, all my knowledge and give coaching and information on strategies to manage health with tips, technology, and tools (even dogs?)!
While credentials are important (I’m the daughter of a diabetic Ph.D. whose career was focused on diabetes research and care), they are not everything: I have the background and experience with intensive blood sugar and health management methods, and the desire to share my experience and understanding.

Contact me at: collinka on Facekbook and Twitter

― Josh Billings ―
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