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Are you hoping to avoid the damage possible from diabetes? To live longer and healthier? Have fun while you're caring for your diabetes? Do You want confidence and certainty in knowing how to care for yourself, faster and easier? I will share with you and demonstrate some of the best solutions to do so you can manage your diabetes while you have fun. (And stop toxic behaviors, too.)

I help people with diabetes achieve the best health possible using the best methods available.

Download my tips sheet. Book a consultation. n the meantime,  learn all you can about Diabetes, such as with this information-packed video, and start figuring out how you can lower and stabilize your blood sugars. 

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About Little More About Me

I've been T1D since 17 and a deep student of health, wellness, coaching, and transformation since. My dad was in a double PHD in diabetes research, and introduced me to colleagues who have been my doctors and teachers since. I have methods and systems to share for losing weight, getting in the best shape of your life, sex for those with diabetes, training your dog to help with blood sugar control, and success at work and in business.

I have gradually become uniquely qualified to be a welnness and lifestyle coach. As a T1D, nutrition research and trial nut, and advanced yoga and Qi-building teacher, I have unique knowledge and skills!
After diagnosis, my research started: I checked out all the books on diabetes at my local library - and found they were terrible - overly detailed and missing basic holistic understanding.  

I continued with studies of energy management, etc (chi gung, tai chi, yoga with multiple teachers, natural medicine and herbal medicine at Bastyr in Seattle, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and voracious research into mental and health methods. 

I did this all along with working in IT for Public Health because I have always felt that Public Health's emphasis on prevention, healthy foundations for everyone, and dispelling ignorance would be the best for everyone.)

Over 30 years of study and training in anti-aging, regenerative, functional, Traditional Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine. I have devoted my life to continued studies, teaching, and writing. My personal health journey has given me experience, knowledge, and tools that I can share in helping people improve their health and quality of life - especially those with diabetes journey.

 And I teach people about shaping their own dog into a medical alert service dog. A trained scent dog will naturally and automatically alert you to your blood sugar swings and help as part of your tool kit. 

With a voracious love of learning and a dedication to contributing to the advancement of knowledge, and so I have been in multiple studies for diabetes through the Diabetes Care Institute of Seattle as an experimental patient.  I have loads of experience, training, and research. I know a ton about maintaining health and increasing energy using traditional and non-traditional approaches to health, including using the help of a blood sugar alert dog.  ‚ÄčAs a natural teacher, I want to share my knowledge to help others.  Are you ready to have the kriya yoga, energy, nutrition, and dog training tips to help dial in your care and your life doesn't have to be so terribly negatively impacted!