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My Story

About me: I've been diabetic since I was 16 - and now I'm certified Blood Sugar / Diabetes Management Expert, Mentor and Coach.

I have been studying all the ways to manage blood sugars and mindset - Eastern and Western approaches since. And am ready to help others improve their energy and health, including nutrition, intensive blood sugar-treatment methods, and emotional/energetic and somatic methods to cultivate insight and cultivate energy and insights despite a blood sugar diagnosis.

In my own practices for success and health, use motivation techniques, energy cultivation, with Western intensive blood sugar management techniques.

I am ready to share what I've learned with a few select women clients and help them discover the best path to achieve their blood sugar, health, and life goals. 

According to health tests, my physical age is decades younger than my actual age (who knows? -- but I feel great)!

I'm offering to help private clients get the same results by coaching and mentoring by sharing methods, approaches, tips, and techniques to help manage your diagnosis (AND building radiant health beyond diabetes).

Working with Karin rejuvenated me and was an amazing experience...

I suffered a stroke which left me with limited mobility and problems with my balance. Karin, patiently, worked with me; teaching me simple Yoga & exercises which improved my balance increased my mobility. After adding the nutritional and natural supplements that she recommended to my diet, my health improved in many ways. I'm remarkably stronger, more confident, and mobile! - AC 

Client, Age 76 years


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