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Ideas and Insights Consulting and Coaching - Effective Mentoring For Personal And Economic Freedom
My coaching is about sharing approaches and strategies to help clients unlock their full potential despite diabetes, train their animal companion, and to grow their confidence so they can excel in their careers or business and serve others to create a better world.

Gain A 500% to 800% Return...on the cost of Coaching / Mentoring - Experience Health, Insights, & Productivity Benefits,

What is the purpose of mentoring? The clear purpose of one on one mentoring is to engage in a process that supports change and multiplies your investment of time, energy and financial resources. One on one coaching is designed to nurture your existing talents in a way that fulfils what’s important to you.

It’s all about encouraging your capacity to find:

 1. ...New opportunities

2. ...New solutions

3. ...New options and

4. ...New capabilities... ...so that you can continually increase your financial returns and achieve important outcomes. 

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Blood Sugar Dogs Coaching is a business of the Ideas and Insights Consultancy:
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