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Blood Sugar Mastery: Reset your Blood Sugar Fast

 Designed specifically for individuals grappling with a new Type 1 diagnosis, this program is help for you in reclaiming health, vitality, and magic.

Stabilize Blood Sugar- Start tackling blood sugars head-on -- with proven strategies to keep your blood sugars low and get you metabolically fit for a life time - helping you with your doctor's advice.

Confront Diabetes and Master Metabolic Syndrome: Gain a comprehensive understanding of principles and hacks that will work daily for a lifetime.

Unravel Triggers: Delve deep into the factors that trigger emotional eating, metabolic issues, equipping you with the knowledge to manage and mitigate them effectively.

Metabolism Mastery: Learn the secrets of boosting your metabolism, uncover your blood sugar hacks, understand high-nutrition diet, and unleash new levels of energy.

No-Diet Weight Loss: Learn easy techniques that don’t rely on strict diets. Enjoy a gentle yet effective path to health that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Diabetic Alert Dog Training: Unique to our program, learn how to train your dog to be a diabetic alert companion, enhancing your safety and peace of mind.

Reverse Aging: Discover lifestyle changes and habits that not only combat metabolic issues but also contribute to reversing the aging process. Let you Keep Up and possibly prevent debility in old age.

Feel Better and Happier - Fix your anxiety now. Fix your Mood. Refresh your Mindset'

Together, we will embark on a journey of transformation, education, and empowerment, setting the foundation for a life filled with vitality and purpose.

About me:

Karin Collinsworth is a highly experienced and knowledgeable coach specializing in Blood Sugar Mastery for T1D. With over 35 years of personal experience in managing diabetes and working as a research volunteer in landmark studies, Karin has mastered the art of blood sugar management, brain health, weight management and rejuvenation via holistic methods.

Her methods have allowed her to achieve a biological age that is 20 years younger than her chronological age!

Karin's expertise extends beyond diabetes management, as she is also certified in coaching with multiple specialists, personal development, yoga, integrative nutrition.

Her book, "Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dogs," showcases her passion for educating and empowering others to take control of their health. Karin's coaching approach is friendly and supportive, making her an ideal choice for young diabetics newly diagnosed or individuals struggling with metabolic syndrome or on the verge of developing type 2 diabetes. Through her guidance, clients can achieve optimal health, reverse the effects of diabetes, and regain control over their lives.

Your Future Awaits – Led by Health

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Working with Karin rejuvenated me and was an amazing experience...

I suffered a stroke which left me with limited mobility and problems with my balance. Karin, patiently, worked with me; teaching me simple Yoga & exercises which improved my balance increased my mobility. After adding the nutritional and natural supplements that she recommended to my diet, my health improved in many ways. I'm remarkably stronger, more confident, and mobile! - AC 

Client, Age 76 years


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