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Metabolic Mastery Questionnaire - Questions About What You're Curious About Regarding Turning Your Health Around if You're Tending Towards Diabetes or Trouble with Blood Sugars

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Imagine turning your health around! Despite being diabetic or trending toward diabetes or metabolic disease, you start looking great, having more energy, and feeling more confident. 88% of Americans have a metabolic disease! Metabolic conditions are characterized by disruptions in the body's biochemical processes responsible for converting food into energy and eliminating waste. These disorders often involve imbalances in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, leading to abnormal levels of substances like glucose, cholesterol, or uric acid in the blood. Typical symptoms vary widely but can include fatigue, weight gain, and wild sugar swings.

After 35 years of diabetes and research, I have learned to conquer sugar swings and the condition and have phenomenal health, without drastic measures.

I want to see others have the life, energy, and longevity they deserve. So, I'm asking you to help me know what questions, concerns and goals are on your mind about diabetes, metabolic disease, and how to fix it - and about interest in training your dog as a blood sugar-alert dog along the way.

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Thank you!

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