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Blood Sugar Dogs is about supporting those diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes to thrive

  • Prevent the worst outcomes a diabetic by getting in control of your blood sugar, health, and towards radiant health by applying insights and tips.

  •  Train your dog to help you with blood sugar alerting.

  •  Identify your life goals and achieve them by proven coaching, facilitation, and life and energy cultivation methods (+ ideas and insights!)

  • Your Thoughts Create Your Actions.

    Your Actions Create Your Habits.

    Your Habits Create Your Life. 

    - Buddha via the Dhammapada

     Coaching is the best investment you can make for making hard changes.  

    - Christian Michelson, World Renowned Coach


    As an uber-certified coach and consultant, with years of experience as well as a diabeti - my passion project helping thos feeling sluggish, disconnected, depressed or confused - and supporting you (or you as a caregiver for your loved one) in success and living a life you love:

    1.) Clarifying your vision of success and understand your unique starting point.

    2) Breakdown your situation and goals, and the pathways to your goals.

    3) Uncover strategies and skills you need.

    4) Troubleshoot challenges that might be standing in your way. 

    5) Manage your psychology and mindset.

    ** Build on all of to give you ideas for cultivating energy and radiance.


    Karin is a delight to work with as a heath and yoga coach. I look forward to her classes and the insights she brings. Karin is amazing and always looking for new opportunities to support others, and to learn and grow. - RJ

    I suffered a stroke which left me with limited mobility and problems with my balance. Karin, patiently, worked with me; teaching me simple Yoga & exercises which improved my balance increased my mobility. After adding the nutritional and natural supplements that she recommended to my diet, my health improved in many ways. I'm remarkably stronger, more confident, and mobile! - AC 

    I have worked with Karin on numerous efforts throughout my years. I've known her from working with her in Public Health. She is always knowledgeable, reliable, relatable, productive. If I had the need of of requesting her collaboration on my next project, I would certainly do so! - DH

    ​​“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”  

    - Orhan Pamuk (author, My Name Is Red )