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Blood SUgar Dogs - Helping those with Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and Energy Challenges Get Control and Unlock Their Radiance and Potential

Offering to help other diabetics master blood sugars via conventional, health and energy techniques. 

If you suffer from extra pounds, inertia, insulin resistance, blood sugar, or other challenges holding you back from living your best life? I've had and mastered those challenges and have approaches and practices that I'm ready to share with others. As a consultant, mentor and personal coach, I'm the expert you're looking for as your coach. I've studied and mastered yoga, coaching, consulting, counseling, nutrition, +. And have offerings and insights to help you and or you as a support of a loved one conquer the challenges. Reach out by inquiring below. 

*See below a free e-book (a part of my book, Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dog) on training your dog as a diabetic alert or medical alert dog. 


I'm a Reverend, a Master Reiki practitioner, an Astrologer, a Type 1 diabetic, and I've spent a lifetime studying and gathering information and skills on diabetes and blood sugars, and on personal development, coaching, and more esoteric ideas, technologies, and aspects of psychology and motivation. My passion is to support others with health education, coaching, and consulting to help them get insights, create change, and conquer blood sugar problems (and their ultimate causes).

I'm also a part-time internet affiliate marketer hoping to encourage others to get healthy via sensible means.

The following are linked products I recommend for weight loss methods, exercise such as yoga combined with hyperbolic techniquesyoga & Ayurveda, and sound advice (such as provided by other experts on blood sugar care and diabetes).  

  • If you have a prediabetic condition, lose weight and get healthy enough to avoid the progression to Type 1 or Type 2.

  • Avoid the damage possible from high blood sugars and blood sugar swings

  • Get in control of your blood sugar, health, and towards radiant health by applying insights and tips.

  • Improve your metabolism and prevent progressing to worse versions and worse outcomes as a diabetic.

  • Join others who have made real changes.

    Clients aren't just satisfied, they have real health results.

    “Working with Karin made me feel like I had a map and a true understanding of practices I could use”

    I am so pleased with working with Karin. Her insights helped impressed me on multiple levels.

    Washiington, United States

    “Karin is a delight to work with as a health and yoga coach.”

     I used to look forward to her classes and the insights she brings. Karin is amazing and always looking for new opportunities to support others, and to learn and grow. - Ken

    Washington, United States

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    Useful resources

    Karin provides you with everything you need to be successful in a transformation (in life, career, and business.)


    Ideas, insights, mentorship, coaching and consultation support you to be more energetic and successful with your health and life despite a blood sugar diagnosis (prediabetes or full-blown diabetes).

    Proven step by step process

    As a Certified Rapid-Results and Barbara Sher trained Coach, I will help you attain your goals via yogic and modern (proven) health nd resistance-busting techniques.

    A Growing Community

    BloodSugarDogs Facebook Page and Group is focused on health, energy, spirituality and helping us get insights and dial in health and true wellness.

    Client-only Live Events

    Karin offers yoga session and group coaching with yoga and troubleshooting on weekends. As a client, you will recieve ongoing invitations to this .

    Experienced and Trained in Coaching, Consulting and Mentorship

    People love having a coach. And I love to work 1-on-1 , so you can get the support you want and need to double, triple, and even 10x your results in any area, from health, relationships or business.

    We'll: map out your plan, in your very first session together - starting out ahead of the game.

    Then we'll troubleshoot and eliminate fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your ability to move forward easily

    Finally, I work with you to hold you accountable throughout the entire time so that you get done all of the things you need to do and make this year your most successful year.

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    “Karin's Coaching impressed me on multiple levels”

    Washington, United States