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Hello and Welcome.

I'm Karin, Diabetic Coach (Yogini, Personality Hacker/Astrologer, Business Analyst and IT Project Professional). I help those with blood sugar problems or those at risk of becoming one to get in control of their blood sugars and confidence in their wellbeing and future.

I help them master glycemic mastery techniques, troubleshoot tricky situations and to align with their greater purpose in life. 

My life has been a double post-doc PH.D. program. For the last three decades, I've been learning and applying conventional and holistic health methods to manage diabetes while in a stressful tech career. Now I'm a credentialed and experience coach helping other with understanding how to master their metabolism via personalized methods.

I'm not perfect by any means, but what I've learned and do work. I'm 20 years younger than my biological age and want to help others beat diabetes diagnosis and to defeat anxiety (and problems like stress eating), and sustain a holistic health transformation. 

More About me

My life has been a double post-doc PH.D. program. My interests have been multidimensional. I have adept knowledge of agility, IT, diabetes, holistic health, project and program management, working in local government. 

As an experimental patient in the landmark studies for diabetes (the DCCT and EDIC); from decades of studying all the published research; and also pursuit of advanced certifications in nutrition and Ayurveda, yoga, health and coaching, agile project and program management, business analysis, and IT. After working in technology and business and project/product management, however, I found my way back to what's near to my heart: health education. I specialize in holistic health on all levels: physical, mental/emotional, and energetic.  

I'm certified in various methods to support clients on all levels: including yoga and nutrition, personality profiling (and hacking) and abundance assessments, training medical alert dogs business analysis, coaching, and energetic healing.

A Transformative Awakening 

My life's trajectory shifted at 16 when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Wanting to master the condition and understand the cause for the pandemic of it, I began in career in public health education. Along the way, I had a stint in IT and project and product management, but my desire to teach, mentor, and work for the cause of diabetes and health pulled me back. 

Along the way, I've acquired a a depth and breadth of skills that I use as a coach, consultant, and mentor in health and business. 

Mentoring those with Blood Sugar Problems

 I've been Type 1 Diabetic since 1997 and yet my health is great. And, I'm deeply familiar with medical methods and device studies, as well as the need for the individual to trust and choose their path, and to holistically integrate modern and ancient approaches to their health on every level.

As a coach, I support people in achieving success. I help clients with strategies to mitigate and manage the change they want and live a life they love.

I've learned modern and ancient methods to help master blood sugars and mitigate one of those is training your dog to help with your blood sugars. If you're struggling with diabetes or prediabetes, I can guide you through managing challenges. 

I have a deep commitment to helping other with health and success with coaching and insights.

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