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Let's Discuss Diabetes...with Dogs 

an  inspiring book of autobiographical  essays about mastering the challenges of diabetes and of incorporating holistic methods to counter the damage from blood sugar swings (and a dog).  

"Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dogs" is a book that helps you reboot your blood sugars, master your metabolism and reverse your age, with more energy and confidence. 

It provides personal stories and practical strategies for blood sugar management using high nutrition and a mostly plant-based keto approach to slow (and reverse) aging, by defeating stress and resistance to health. Helping you get off medications, reverse the symptoms of with metabolic disease, and thrive. 

(And, it provides guidance on training your dog to be a medical alert dog. Every dog thrives with a purpose!)

For at individuals in the Western world grappling with a diabetes diagnosis, the book draws from my extensive experience mastering diabetic and coach.

I am certain that my story and understanding will be helpful for those starting their diabetes journey or those struggling. Reach out or inquire below.

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  • A Book About Living Well with a with Blood Sugar Diagnosis

  • Recommendations for Living Well with Diabetes

  • Give Your Dog a Job! They'll love that and be better behaved.

  • Get Support and Motivation to Stablize Weight, Stress and Heal, and Get Keys to Increasing Your Time "In Range" for a lifetime, which is the key to longevity with a low risk of the key health risks of diabetics.

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    Let’s Discuss Diabetes ...with Dogs

    Essays Empowering Wellness for those with Blood Sugar Challenges

    Take a quiz about your interests in diabetes and sign up to be posted about the progress of the book. As a thank you,  I'll send a chapter of the book: "Training Your Dog As a Diabetic (Medical Alert Dog) and As Well Behaved as One."

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