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Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dogs - essays about diabetes, blood sugar blues, blood sugar (medical alert) dogs, and thriving

Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dogs, is my first book of essays - its a mix between, David Sedaris's, Let's Discuss Diabetes with Owls and Judy Bloom's, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret. I've been working on it since I was first diagnosed and looking for understanding of, Why?, Why Me?, and What to Do to best care for my diabetes.  
It was written from the voice of and as a guide for an American teenager recently diagnosed with diabetes.
I had my first symptoms when I was reading Judy Bloom's, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret! Since then I've studied and learned multitudes of healing techniques from Blood Sugar Control methods to Yoga (and including Ayurvedic, Breathwork, Nutrition, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, and Tantric Yoga. There were very few books Let's Discuss Diabetes with Owls was so very disappointing. (Let's be honest, it was not the book any diabetic was looking for.)
However, Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dogs contains the insights into blood sugar and health management - as well as the foundations of and all the dimensions of health. Below you may sign up to be notified of progress and to be notified when its available. In the meantime, you'll be able to download a checklist about training your own dog to be a medical alert dog, come to a Yoga for Diabetics.

Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dogs, the book

Let's Discuss Diabetes with Dogs is a collection of essays that blends a thorough, critical and humorous slant to managing life with - and contains cultural critiques and personal learnings from my journey, as well.  It includes the personal learnings and stories of managing diabetes, offering ideas and insights about resourcing for health from every area of life

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The plan is to the full book released by summer 2023. Use the form below to be notified of progress ( or to inquire about working with a diabetic coach - while getting help about about training your own dog to be a blood-sugar medical-alert dog.)

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